Secure Communications

Protecting calls with Sigillu

screenshot1Sigillu offers, among others, the following features:

– Ultra strong encryption software with constantly changing session keys.
– End-to-end encryption of voice and text messages.
– It’s a software-only solution implemented on regular Nokia phones.
– The process is not perceived by third parties.
– The user is not prevented from updating the phone firmware or operating system.
– Allows you to have just one mobile phone for both regular and secure calls.

Sigillu is a Nokia smart phone with ultra strong encryption software which makes it absolutely secure and unbreakable. It passed highly advanced security tests performed by both civilian and governmental experts, and is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Ultimately, you can count on Sigillu to protect the privacy of your mobile conversations.


March 20, 2007 - Posted by | countersurveillance, eavesdrop, encryption, English, espionage, phone tap, privacy, security, spy, surveillance, tap, wiretap

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