Secure Communications

Targets of Illegal Surveillance

Man1People may need to resource to security countermeasures to protect themselves against competitive intelligence activities, corporate espionage, extortion, media snooping, activists, terrorism, invasion of their personal privacy, etc.

Among the various types of communications that should be protected against illegal eavesdropping, we could mention: privileged conversations between clients and their counsel, company executives or board members discussing mergers and acquisitions, marketing strategies, new product development, lawsuit strategies, internal politics, labor negotiations, etc.

Competitive Intelligence is the process by which information is collected and transformed into valuable intelligence for use in tactical and strategic business decisions. Corporate Security Officers may select the easy path: trust that their current and potential competitors’ “Competitive Intelligence” departments would resource only to legal approaches to snoop on them.. However, the stakes may be to high to adopt such a conservative strategy.

But it is not just corporate executives who may be targeted by illegal surveillance activities. Other targets include: famous people, movie stars, celebrities, scientists, bankers, employees of companies subject to hostile takeovers, real estate development planners, high level politicians, diplomats and their staff, people involved in high bidding wars, political campaign offices, journalists, etc.

Sigillu provides the most efficient solution for secure cellular communications.


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