Secure Communications

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Spy4Who could be targeted by illegal surveillance activities?

The short answer is: almost anyone.

Anyone could be targeted by covert electronic surveillance activities. Some people are at a higher risk than others due to their profession, financial status, involvement in domestic related situations, etc.

What follows is a non exclusive list of potential targets of illegal surveillance: famous people, movie stars, celebrities, business executives and directors, scientists, bankers, employees of companies subject to hostile takeovers, real estate development planners, high level politicians, diplomats and their staff, people involved in high bidding wars, political campaign offices, journalists, etc.

The most widespread professional wiretapping takes place in industrial espionage. Many businesses spy on each other just like wartime nations do. The spies listen in to gather industry secrets, business plans and any other information that will give their company an advantage over the competitor.

Telephone conversations are vulnerable. Several tools (cell phone scanners, IMSI catcher, etc.) are available to listen into private mobile and landline conversations, and there is no way to guarantee private conversations without end-to-end encryption.

There are some well known cases of massive illegal wiretapping scandals which could, according to some experts, even put democracies at risk. In some of these cases even former telco executives are suspected of belonging to the spy rings.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) sweeps are intended to protect against wiretapping and telephone bugging, and are the most commonly used defense mechanisms. TSCM was originally used by government entities to protect top secret and critical information from foreign spies.

Sigillu ( uses end-to-end strong encryption to provide full protection against illegal bugging and eavesdropping of private and corporate mobile conversations. It is a cost effective counter surveillance solution that offers complete protection to people that want to make sure their cellular communications remain secure, private, and confidential.

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