Secure Communications

There are several ways to intercept a cellular call

RecorderEveryday, everywhere, priceless information is exchanged by phone.

Even companies which allocate significant resources securing their networks and employee confidentiality still discuss sensitive information over regular, unprotected cellular phones.

Your competitors, criminal organizations or foreign governments can tap into this wealth of information using non-expensive and easy to use tools.

There are several ways to intercept a cellular call.

A device called IMSI catcher can be used to capture your call within a radius of several miles.

Also, when your call travels within the network, there are numerous ways to listen-in, as the unencrypted signal travels from one cell to the next over microwave radio lines.

Not to mention the threat of competitors bribing cell company employees, or foreign intelligence agencies listening for information that could benefit their national industries.

Basic countermeasures can be implemented to mitigate this risk and protect your privacy.


March 20, 2007 - Posted by | countersurveillance, eavesdrop, encryption, English, espionage, phone tap, privacy, security, spy, surveillance, tap, wiretap

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