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PNP bares Wiretap experts for hire

The Philippine Star 05/09/2007

A well-placed officer of the Philippine National Police (PNP) warned yesterday that advanced wiretapping capabilities might have already slipped out of the control of law enforcers and into the hands of people tapping the phone lines of politicians running in the midterm elections.

The official, requesting anonymity, revealed this in an interview with television journalist Korina Sanchez in hopes that the disclosure will prod the PNP hierarchy to investigate the matter and ensure that such capabilities will be preserved for the exclusive purpose of aiding law-enforcement.

Private entities are prohibited by the anti-wiretapping law from acquiring phone-bugging devices, since use of this technology will allow unscrupulous entities to secretly hear private conversations on landline or mobile phones.

The source said people who seek to acquire the know-how and capability for wiretapping outside of police functions can offer their services for large fees to politicians who want valuable information about their opponents or enemies.

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