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Sigillu announces 3rd generation of security phones

Sigillu announced the 3rd generation of secure phones, with improved audio quality, enhanced ultra low latency, and support for the most modern Nokia phones.

Main features:

• Easy installation on regular Nokia phones

• No external server needed

• Absolutely no back doors – encryption keys are randomly generated by the software and can not be provided to any organization, private or governmental

• Certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense

• Complete end to end protection, from phone to phone, for both audio and text messages

• Dual combination of asymmetric and symmetric encryption

• Low audio latency (low delay)

• High audio quality

• 1024 bit RSA asymmetric master key pairs

• AES 256 bit symmetric data protection algorithm implemented

• Diffie-Hellman 4,096 key exchange algorithm

• 1024 bit random master key automatically generated per contact and replaced at every call start

• 256 bit random session key, replaced every second

Supported Phones:

3rd Generation Phones




June 30, 2007 - Posted by | cellular phone, encryption, English, mobile, security, technology

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