Secure Communications

Comments of Nextel before the FCC (November 2004)

“Nextel supports the development of surveillance solutions that help law enforcement
accomplish its mission, and in particular supports such solutions for PTT services. Nextel
urges the Commission, however, to support law enforcement’s public safety requirements
through a public interest determination rather than trying to fit information services into a
CALEA framework.”

“In providing surveillance solutions and technical assistance, however, carriers have the right
to recover their costs as provided by federal and state law — not by Commission rule.”

“Nextel explained that, as the leading provider of push-to-talk (“PTT”) dispatch service, it
long has recognized and supported law enforcement’s need to conduct lawfully-authorized
electronic surveillance on Nextel’s Direct Connect® service. Nextel has provided a fully
CALEA-compliant, standards-based intercept solution for its PTT service since early in
2002.5 Nextel supported generally the notion that all PTT-like services come to market with
a CALEA-compliant intercept solution to ensure that law enforcement and national security
agencies have the capability to conduct lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance.”

“In its Joint Petition Reply Comments, Nextel explained that it recovers some portion
of its costs of providing a 24×7 security office to assist with electronic surveillance requests
from law enforcement agencies, as provided for in court orders and federal and state law.
The security office is staffed around the clock by professionals who respond to thousands of
requests for electronic surveillance and production of customer records each year. The
security office is not a profit center and, in fact, Nextel fails to recover its costs.”

“The Commission’s rules require Nextel and other carriers to maintain a security office
with personnel available 24×7, keep policies, procedures and records regarding the conduct
of electronic surveillance on their premises, and train employees.16 Nextel personnel handle
hundreds of surveillance calls each day from law enforcement agencies across the country.”

Signed on November 8, 2004 by

Robert H. McNamara
Senior Counsel – Regulatory
Ray Rothermel
Counsel – Regulatory
2001 Edmund Halley Drive
Reston, VA 20191
(703) 433-4222



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