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Doble: ‘Hello Garci’ wiretap ops done through Smart mole

Asked if the telecom management knew about the wiretapping, Doble said in Filipino that, “Agents conduct what we call spotting. They look for people they can recruit. That’s how it starts. Agents study the people whom they can approach, what their weaknesses are, what they like, where they live. Weak points are identified.”

However, Doble said it was possible that the owners of Smart Communications did not know that wiretapping had been conducted through its technology or personnel.

“Maybe [the owners don’t know] … we just need a technical [employee] in Smart,” Doble said.

He said the implications of the wiretapping operations were far-reaching. “Walang imposible basta tinarget kayo, asahan niyo na yun (Nothing’s impossible as long as you’re a target, expect to be wiretapped.”

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August 22, 2007 - Posted by | bugging devices, cellular phone, eavesdrop, English, espionage, illegal, mobile, phone tap, privacy, security, spy, surveillance, tap, technology, wireless, wiretap

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