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iPhone Turned into Pocket-Sized Hacking Platform

By Lisa Vaas
October 2, 2007

All iPhone applications run with full root privileges and any
application vulnerability means winner takes all.

The iPhone has been turned into a “pocket-sized network-enabled root
shell,” said H.D. Moore, thanks to the well-known security researcher
having published shell code for the smart phone and instructions on how
to use it as a portable hacking platform.

Because of his work, Moore’s highly popular Metasploit Framework
penetration-testing tool can now be used to easily write point-and-click
exploits targeting iPhone application vulnerabilitiesexploits that will
give an attacker complete control of the device, given that all of the
phone’s applications run with root access.

Moore on Sept. 25 published details of his recent work on the iPhone.

Besides publishing shell code, Moore revealed multiple security chasms
on Apple’s device: The first and most shocking is that each and every
process running on the iPhonefrom the mobile version of Apple’s Safari
browser to its mail client and even the phone’s calculatorall run with
full root privileges. What that means: A security vulnerability in any

Link to article

iPhone application can lead to complete system takeover.

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