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How Symbian Plans to Stay No. 1

What to you think you need to do to make the Symbian OS or the overall platform more amenable to the enterprise?

We think we’ve got a pretty good enterprise story, if you look at. For example, some of the Nokia phones—like the E61. It does the most important enterprise app, which is corporate e-mail. I’ve actually got the BlackBerry client on mine. I have BlackBerry messages and this also uses the BlackBerry services to synchronize my calendar. So that is in some ways the most important corporate application. Special Report: Developer Power Tools

Although you can argue that maybe there’s one that’s more important, which is unifying voice. By unifying voice I mean that I don’t have one number for this phone and another number for my desk phone, but that you can have mobile phones as an integral part of an enterprise PBX. So when somebody rings my desk phone it automatically rings up on here. And it automatically chooses the least-cost routing. And in-house we’re trialing a solution from Avaya.

So there are two enterprise services that we’re doing well. Another enterprise application is access to corporate wikis or corporate intranets. And as the browsers on these devices get better and better, then suddenly you don’t always need to write new applications. You can just go point to point with these devices.

So when I’m traveling I often go onto our corporate research wiki through a secure interface and I can see what they are doing and I can also post comments there.




October 23, 2007 - Posted by | BlackBerry, cellular phone, English, mobile, Nokia, technology

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