Secure Communications

What and How of Industrial Espionage

By: James Walsh

The Cold War is long over, but World War III is an economic war. Competition is now global and there are more competitors than ever before.

Business ethics are not what they used to be. Personal reputation and accountability cannot carry you too far. The pressure is on as never before and in a crowded business community questionable illegal and immoral practices are cloaked in anonymity.

Today’s business environment is rife with incidents of industrial espionage. Knowledge is no longer just power, it is money too. BIG MONEY! Tapped phones, bugged offices, covert recordings, undercover employees, phony repair people, car phone monitors, fax intercepts, dumpster divers, competitive intelligence professionals etc. are terms related to business and yet one would have never heard of them. They are related to information security and that is a subject not taught yet in business schools.

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November 11, 2007 - Posted by | English, espionage, illegal, privacy, security, spy

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