Secure Communications

McAfee: Virus Profile: SymbOS/Commwarrior.a!sys

Risk Assessment  
– Home Users: Low
– Corporate Users: Low
Date Discovered: 3/7/2005
Date Added: 3/7/2005
Origin: Unknown
Length: 30,582 bytes
Type: Virus
SubType: PDA Device
DAT Required: 4442

Virus Characteristics

This threat is a malicious .SIS file targeting Nokia series 60 based devices. The virus masquerades as a variety of benign applications, including games, porn, and cross platform emulators. See “Table 1 – MMS Message Text” for a more complete list of subjects and message content.It replicates by sending itself to nearby Bluetooth devices as well as via MMS. The MMS recipient appears to be selected from the host address book. Once it is in the host inbox the user can view the message and must approve the installation of the SIS. Once installed several files are dropped (see Table 1 – MMS Message Text) and the virus sets itself up for automatic execution at system start.

Affected Platforms:

  • Series 60 devices

Link to McAfee site



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