Secure Communications

How To Make Your Phone Untappable

So unencrypted VoIP is less secure than traditional telephony?

Vastly less secure. The traditional public telephone system that we’ve been using for the last hundred years is fairly well protected. It’s easy for the government to wiretap it by going to the phone company, but not easy for anyone else to wiretap it. If anyone else wanted to wiretap someone’s conversations, they’d have to find a place close to his or her office, get some alligator clips, and try to find the right wire out of thousands to clip them onto, and hope that nobody spots you doing it.

With VoIP, it’s not nearly so hard. All you just need is to take over a computer on the same network as the VoIP traffic with some spyware. That computer intercepts the VoIP conversations and stores them on a hard disk as .wav files that can be browsed later. A wiretapper could even choose to target the phone calls of a company’s general counsel talking to an outside law firm, or the CEO talking to his counterpart at another company.

It’s much easier because you don’t have to physically be there. You can be in China or Russia and target a company without obtaining a visa or entering the country you’re trying to infiltrate.

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