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Pack Encryption If Traveling Overseas


Posted 8/4/2008

Running risk could be a big event at the Beijing Olympics.

Visitors going to China could easily have their data stolen, copied during a customs check or spirited away by cyberspies, security researchers warn. And fans back home need to beware of bogus Olympics Web sites and offers.

China has been a hotbed for online attacks. The arrival of the Olympics on Friday, with an expected 500,000 foreign visitors, provides a particularly rich target environment. But international travelers in general face increasing — sometimes surprising — dangers to data safety elsewhere too, tech industry figures say.

“Before they go, they’ve got to ask whether they need as much electronics as they usually carry with them,” said Phil Dunkelberger, chief executive of encryption firm PGP Corp. “Most companies today are stripping down traveling computers to a bare minimum. And a cell phone — do I need one, or can I pick one up over there? Maybe you just need a single-use cell phone.”

Dunkelberger says a friend recently went to China and powered up a new Palm (PALM) Treo smart phone that was soon badly infected.

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