Secure Communications

How To Secure The BarackBerry

Phone identification and targeting

The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure anonymity. Today, there are two IDs in GSM/UMTS systems that can be exploited if somebody knows them and can get access to the core of the mobile network to find out the current location of the phone up to the level of the radio tower. These IDs are the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) on the SIM card and the International Mobile Equipment ID (IMEI) of the mobile phone itself. Also, knowledge of one of the two values can also be used by someone who has access to the core of the mobile mobile network to intercept non end-to-end encrypted voice calls and Internet traffic.

To ensure anonymity these IDs should be changed in regular intervals. If I were the secret service I would get a large number of IMSI’s of several network operators, get the SIM card vendor on board and devise a scheme to change the IMSI on the SIM card on a regular basis. Concerning the IMEI a changing random number would do. 

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