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Iphone App for encryption

Gold Lock Enterprise is now also compatible with Iphone!!!!.

You can contact us here.


The Sigillu Team



September 3, 2009 - Posted by | cellular phone, encryption, English, Iphone, mobile, privacy, security

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  1. From one of the first users:

    As the first person in the world to try the Gold-Lock product on the iPhone 3Gs, I must say that it was a spectacular experience. The call works just as well as any normal phone call, minus a small almost unnoticeable delay, and I get the assurance that my call in not being listened in on. The only two things that I would recommend you look into to improve the product are as follows:
    1. When the application is first opened, a little notification screen pops up saying “New Version Available:, Download now?”. It gives me the option to press cancel or OK. If I press cancel the application works perfectly, If I press okay, it takes me to the Gold-Lock webpage, which I can exit out of and still use the application.

    2. The iPhone has been programmed so that on a normal call the sensor on the top left-hand of the device disables the screen if it is covered. This prevents someone talking on the phone to accidentally press buttons with their face or ear while on a call. The “end call” button on this application is located on the top right-hand side of the screen and on my first call I accidentally pressed the button with my ear, ending the call. A solution to this problem could be either moving the location of the “end call” button, or if possible connecting the application to the sensor so it acts in the same way when covered and disables the screen.

    There was a round trip 3 second delay with the call which means 1.5 seconds from person to person but that was not a big problem. Overall, I give this application FIVE Stars and TWO Thumbs Up!

    Enthusiastically yours,

    Comment by sigillu | September 3, 2009 | Reply

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