Secure Communications

Common VoIP Protocols Defeated


Recent reports have surfaced that have revealed weaknesses in the ever-popular Google Voice and Skype protocols.  These weaknesses have allowed attackers to eavesdrop on third party calls and make unauthorized calls using another person’s account.

Such a vulnerability in a service as popular as this is highly concerning, but the attacks have been proven to work according to many different sources, and also the Slashdot website.  It would seem that we are now looking at two protocols, which remained secure for a long time, which now have a major vulnerability that calls into question the whole security of the architecture.

Any organization that is reliant on Google voice or Skype should now be asking themselves the question: “is it really safe for my company”? Even though according to both companies, the vulnerabilities have been fixes the truth is once a major weakness is exposed it can be very hard to trust it again.

Certainly, the fact that these technologies have been breached must be a concern for both organizations and individuals that are dependent on secure calls.  However, what alternatives are available and how do people utilize them?

One can avoid the dangers of integrating non secure solutions from Skype, Google Voice, or other non secure VOIP systems into organizations infrastructure and instead utilize technologies, which are tested, and proven more secure.




October 7, 2009 - Posted by | encryption, English, privacy, security, Skype, spy, tap, technology

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