Secure Communications

Gold Lock protects your communications

Gold Lock keeps your communications safe

Gold Lock Enterprise is the preferred solution for thousands of users around the world
Licensed by the  Israeli Ministry of Defense, Gold Lock Enterprise is a world-class software-based solution providing military-grade encryption for voice and data communication.

Gold Lock’s triple layered security scheme turns your PC/Laptop, Nokia Phone or Windows Mobile devite into a military grade encrypted communicator, protected against any interception attempt by private, governmental or military entities.

Gold Lock Enterprise encrypts your calls, file transfer and text all over the world, including international calls.

No VOiP provider is needed, the systems works on all types of internet connections (for example: 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WIFI…)

Gold Lock Enterprise is easy to use, all key management is auto managed without any need for complicated user defined keys.

Gold Lock Enterprise now supporting iPhone

We have great news!

Gold Lock is proud to announce that our flagship voice and data encryption software is now compatible with iPhone.iPhone3gs

We are the first, once again, to bring you the best solution on the market.  Now you can protect your communications on your Nokia Phone, Windows Mobile, iPhone or Blackberry, keeping conversations secure.

The iPhone encryption system is completely compatible with all other Gold Lock Enterprise devices – Nokia, Windows Mobile, and PC (Windows XP/Vista.

Gold Lock Enterprise available for Blackberry

One of our main goals lately has been to release a Blackberry compatible version.Blackberry

Gold Lock Enterprise is now compatible with Blackberry, making it the most suitable and s ecure encryption tool, working on multiple platforms.

Gold Lock Enterprise is now able to encrypt your calls, file transfer and text internationally with your favorite device.

Sigillu is the authorized representative of Gold Lock in America.

We are looking to partner with companies possessing a deep understanding of customer needs and the ability to faithfully represent the values of uncompromised security and trust for governments, corporations and individuals using Gold Lock encryption systems.

If you are interested, contact Doug Haskins at

Gold Lock Enterprise,
through Sigillu

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