Secure Communications

Multi Channel Beeper Buster System

Single Channel Beeper BusterTM System


If the bad guys in your jurisdiction use pagers to conduct their business, you need The Beeper BusterTM. With The Beeper BusterTM, you can sit in the privacy of your own office and monitor every message sent to any pager. You do not need the cooperation of the paging system operator, nor will the user beeper busterof the pager know you are monitoring all his messages. The Beeper BusterTM can capture all messages sent to a target pager, capture all messages containing a particular “search string” (such as the phone number of a suspect location, pay phone), or any combination of the above. Special techniques are used to determine the unique address (the “capcode”) of the pager, meaning you do not need access to the target pager to capture its messages. It’s very simple. And, the The Beeper BusterTM is affordable. Unlike rival units, The Beeper BusterTMactually operates faster than the paging system. This means no missed pages, for any format at any speed. Persons using other less capable pager intercept systems are well aware of the problems of missed pages. The high speed and perfect accuracy of The Beeper BusterTM is due to our extensive use of custom designed high speed hardware. If you need to use captured messages as evidence in court, the specially designed features of The Beeper BusterTMguarantee the integrity of the data.


November 29, 2009 - Posted by | bugging devices, eavesdrop, espionage, privacy, security, spy, surveillance, tap, technology

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