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Smartphone security software market shows strong potential for channel

Smartphone security business challenge and channel opportunity

Sales and support opportunities for encryption are likely to grow as smartphones use more business applications, such as SAP, and store more corporate data. As discussed earlier, the potential for antimalware sales and support is enormous when smartphones finally become subject to widespread attack.

While encryption vendors offer mobile-specific products on their own, they are also included as part of their overall corporate endpoint encryption suites. Check Point’s Svegby said PC encryption orders for, say 5,000 seats, often come with an additional 150 to 200 licenses for smartphone encryption.

Some vendors, such as Credant Technologies Inc. and Check Point offer only encryption products, others such as F-Secure Corp. and Kaspersky Lab Inc. offer only antimalware, and still others, such as Symantec and McAfee Inc., offer both encryption and antimalware. In terms of operating systems, most vendors support Windows Mobile and Symbian, and some support Palm OS and Blackberry as well. There have been reports that several vendors are working on iPhone antimalware, as well.



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