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On breaking phonecall encryption and publishing fake research

The research focuses on the fact that once you get malicious software on a phone, you can listen on the phonecall even with encryption software in place, such as CellCrypt or Gold-Lock. The researcher says that this is a result of these products not having any man in the middle protection.

Well, guess what: the products on test do network encryption. Putting software on the same phone as the one doing the encryption/decryption does not constitute as man in the middle by most definitions. Such products do not typically protect your calls from being recorded if your phone is compromised.

This applies to most other applications, not just phonecall encryption. If your security solution is meant to provide network encryption, then it typically will not resist an attack on the endpoints.

Link to article


February 2, 2010 - Posted by | encryption, security, spy, tap, technology

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