Secure Communications

Gold Lock PBX Gateway

Gold Lock PBX Gateway

Extends the security scheme to regular analog, digital, and VoIP phones.

PBX diagram

  • Same encryption algorithms as the MOD certified Gold Lock 3G
  • Easy to use – Just dial an extension to initiate a secure call
  • An audio signal confirms if a secure call was successfully established
  • Can be used also as a regular PBX for non secure communications
  • Linux based stable platform
  • Scalable to unlimited extensions and mobile devices
  • Compatible with existing analog/digital PBX systems
  • Asterisk compatible
  • Extensions can be connected to analog, digital, or SIP phones
  • Communicates securely with other Gold Lock PBX units
  • Communicates securely with all Gold Lock 3G devices (Nokia, PC, BlackBerry, iPhone)
  • 16,384 bit authentication, Elliptic Curve 384 bits, AES 256 bits, Diffie Hellman 4,096 bits
  • Gold Lock License #15252 by the Israeli Ministry of Defense
  • Requires Internet connectivity (DSL, cable, wi-fi, satellite, 3G, etc.)


April 12, 2010 - Posted by | encryption, privacy, security, technology

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