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Just because it is legal should I jailbreak my iPhone?

On July 26th, the US copyright office modified it rules to now make it legal to unlock your devices from a carrier.  So what?!  This does not change anything when it concerns your agreement with Apple, AT&T or anyone else.  They are not forbidden to honor the device warranty, continue service, not update your phones software if you do jailbreak your device.

So the question remains, “should I do it?”  The answer is “depends.”  If you NEED to have the function of a jailbroken phone for your personal or business use and you gain a greater value (money or satisfaction) from it, then “yes”.  If you want to be the “cool” kid that has a jailbroken phone, then “don’t be an idiot.”

Many of my Sigillu clients NEED and gain a greater value from jailbreaking an iPhone or any other device for that matter.  They will use the multi-tasking feature available to keep Gold Lock running in the background.  Additionally, the 3G Unrestrictor -Tricks their iPhone into thinking that it is on a wifi network so they can use 3G or edge without restrictions.  This lets them use Skype over 3G and also download files larger than 10MB on the AppStore.  Finally, they can use their iPhone on different networks if necessary.  For more discussion on pros and cons see

They use these features for convenience but additionally for doing business that makes it worth the effort to jailbreak their iPhone.  Of course the phones can be reverted when they need to be taken in for repairs and what not, so what is the difference?  That is up to you to decide.

Douglas Haskins, 8/2/2010


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