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Gold Line Encryption Software Sales Rise After Increase in Hacker Attacks

When the two most widely used algorithms in the cellular communication industry were proven to be not completely safe against hacking attempts, it reinforced the notion that virtually any cellular conversation or online digital transaction that depends upon either of these exploited technologies are open to monitoring and interception by hackers, thieves, spies, government agencies, or terrorists.

According to Noam Copel, CEO of Gold Lock, this devastating one-two punch impacts over 85 percent of the world’s cellular users, and as these users realize their business and personal conversations are wide open to eavesdropping, they are quickly turning to military-grade encrypted phones as a solution.
As a result of these attacks, the security concerning technology users the world over are turning to companies with software and products that are not based upon these technologies in order to save themselves against any potential hacking attack.

Gold Lock is one of those security solution providers, and deploys AES 256-bit and Elliptic Curve 384-bit encryption for protecting data and Diffie Hellman 4096-bit encryption for securing key transfers within its digital encryption software. Additionally, its security software solutions don’t need any extra hardware or training, as all encryption is executed using the protected device’s native processing power.


January 19, 2010 - Posted by | cellular phone, encryption, Israel, mobile, security, spy, technology

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  1. 384 bit encryption!! I remember when 8 bit was supposed to be the absolute, unhackable world beating standard..Then it was 16-bit, then 32 and..well, you see where I’m going. I wonder if we are seeing some diminishing returns in this regard, because it seems the need keeps growing.

    Comment by Mike | February 26, 2010 | Reply

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